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Article - labelling
Label set for Systainer│
Consisting of 20 transparent card inserts
and 2 label sheet of 10 paper cards
to tear off.

Suitable for individual labeling of the systainer« to see immediately from the outside what is packed inside the systainer«. Find what you are looking for at a glance.
$ 18.00

Label set for Systainer│ Organizer insert boxes (large)
The label set helps labeling the insert boxes of Systainer│ Organizer separately. Simply put the pre-perforated labels into the designated area of each box and secure them by sliding the plug-in cards on top.

 With this set you can label every single insert box in you Systainer│ Organizer. (Set contains 60 paper labels, 25 transparent plug-in labels)
$ 15.00
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